Hamster Kombat: Which Cards to Upgrade

Hamster Kombat 1 июня 2024 г.

At the start of June, it’s quite exciting to start playing, especially with combos. Grab 5 million and head down the well-trodden path to the airdrop. The hamster can already impress with its stats

New cards are appearing nonstop. Check the new ones (that might not be in the list below) for profitability. The main principle is to spend less on buying a card and get more income from it. If you were good at math in school and can calculate card income in your head, you will succeed. Example of the calculation.
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Upgrade cards from the list to levels 10-12 initially, then decide which ones are more profitable to upgrade further. The cost of upgrading will already exceed 500,000. Profitability decreases. You won’t be able to upgrade everything at once; you’ll need to upgrade condition cards since many cards are locked unless certain conditions are met and another card is leveled up. Bring necessary cards to the required level to unlock others, and then stop upgrading the condition cards as it’s not profitable. Remember, this list is one possible strategy.

Don’t upgrade boosters; don’t spend coins on them, whether it’s on Multitap or Energy limit. Choose between investing in consistent income or pointlessly tapping the button all day long.
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**Cards in the Markets Section**

- Fan tokens

- Staking

- Shit coins

- Margin trading x10

- Margin trading x20

- Margin trading x30

- Margin trading x50

- Margin trading x75

- Margin trading x100

- Web3 integration

- Licence UAE

- Licence Europe

- Licence Asia

- Licence South America

- Licence Australia

- Licence North America

- Licence Nigeria

**Cards in the Specials Section**

- YouTube Gold Button (May 27 combo) - Also known as "When Diamond?"

- Hamster YouTube Channel - Join the Hamster Kombat channel

- Hamster daily show - Time for some hype

- 21,000,000 CEOs - Hamsters are 100% bullish

- Bitcoin Pizza Day - Bitcoin, pizza, or hamsters

- Top 10 Global Ranking - Our TG channel ranks 10th globally

- NFT Collection Launch - Will NFT skyrocket?

- Ad contract with a football club - Partner with the best

- Special Hamster Conference - Mega Event!

- Short squeeze - Time to collect profits

- There are two chairs… - You made the right decision

- Long squeeze - Time to collect profits

- Villa for the DEV team - Developers need some inspiration

- Apps Center Listing (May 27 combo) - Telegram = massive spread

- USDT on TON - Send digital dollars to anyone, anytime

**Cards in the PR&Team Section**

Why is this section second in the app but fourth here? Because you upgrade these after the other cards; upgrading these is less profitable. Except for the last two, which are new and profitable, especially Consensys explorer pass.

- Influencers

- IT team

- Security Team

- UX and UI team

- Risk management team

- Anonymous transaction ban

- Tokenomics expert

- Consensys explorer pass

Wishing you rapid growth of passive income; it’s said to be one of the important factors for the airdrop. How to get real coins instead of in-game ones? That will be after the listing and connecting the wallet.

Upgraded the hamster, now what? There’s still more to farm and tap! :)


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