Hamster Kombat: Where can I get friends?

Hamster Kombat 2 июня 2024 г.

If you are playing Hamster Kombat and are puzzling over where to get friends for the referral system, then today you will learn all the secrets. Let's figure out together where you can find those who will join your ranks and help you become a cool hamster in the game.

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How do I find friends for Hamster Kombat?

Sometimes the easiest thing is to just ask. Start with those who are closest and move on! Maybe it's your school friend who has been looking for a new game for a long time. Tell them about the benefits of Hamster Kombat and why it's worth joining now.

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Who are the acquaintances?

Acquaintances are all the people we know and have been in contact with throughout our lives. They are much more than just relatives, friends and comrades. Without knowing, many people do not notice how wide a circle of acquaintances they have. Do you think you have only 15-20 acquaintances? It's time to spread your nets wider!

So, here are groups of people with whom you can share your link to the game and invite them to Hamster Kombat.

Little Hamsters (Childhood and Adolescence)

Where to look for friends among your younger years

  • Relatives: parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers
    Kindergarten: educators, other children and their parents
  • Yard: Yard friends and their parents
  • School: teachers, classmates, parents of classmates, acquaintances from parallel classes
  • Sports sections: coaches, classmates in the section and their relatives
    Circles: teachers, other children in circles and their parents
  • Cottage: neighbors in the cottage
  • Tourist trips and hikes: members of tourist groups
  • Hospital: medical staff and ward neighbors
  • Doctors: pediatrician, dentist
  • Hobbies: friends with whom we exchanged stamps, toys, etc.
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What to write to a friend?

Want to invite an old friend you used to play with in the neighborhood but don’t know what to write? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.

Hi, [Friend]! Remember how we used to play when we were kids? I found this cool game called **Hamster Kombat**. It's fun, and you get to be the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange! Want to give it a try?

**[Friend]:** Not sure, I'm not really into games anymore.

**You:** I get it, but Hamster Kombat is not just a game. 60 million people are already playing it, and 25 million log in every day! Plus, there was another game called Notcoin before. Those who played it earned tens of thousands of rubles, and those who didn't sell their coins see them growing like Bitcoin now! It's really awesome!

**[Friend]:** Sounds cool! Send me the link.

**You:** Of course! Here’s the link: [link]. Let's relive our childhood and have some fun again!

Young Hamsters (Youth)

Hangouts and Institutes: find your playmates

  • Institute: teachers, classmates, students of other courses and institutes
  • Construction teams
  • Dormitories
  • Student clubs and theaters
  • Colleagues on part-time jobs
  • Sports clubs and hobbies
  • Hangouts: discos and parties

How to invite a friend from university?

Want to invite an old friend from university or a party to join Hamster Kombat but don’t know how? Don’t panic!

Hi, [Friend]! Remember how we used to hang out in university? I found this cool game called **Hamster Kombat**. It's fun and exciting, and you get to be the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange! Want to give it a try?

**[Friend]:** I'm not really a fan of cryptocurrency games.

**You:** I understand, but Hamster Kombat is not really about cryptocurrencies. Imagine, how complicated can a game about hamsters be? It's just a fun way to earn some extra money. You can play for just a few minutes a day, and an airdrop for active players is coming soon. Remember the game Notcoin? Those who played it earned tens of thousands of rubles!

**[Friend]:** Wow, I didn't know that! Let me try it out.

**You:** Of course! Here’s the link: [link]. As soon as we make some money, let's gather our friends and meet up, reminiscing about the good old times!

Adult Hamsters

Jobs, services and parents of friends: join your gaming clan

  • Job: bosses, subordinates, colleagues
  • Love: the first and the second
  • Services: hairdresser, manicure, cosmetologist, postman, shoemaker, tailor, plumber, electrician, shop assistants, mechanics
  • Doctors: dentist, therapist, gynecologist, nutritionist
  • In-laws of the wife/husband: friends and relatives of the spouse
  • Friends of parents
  • Colleagues in the gym and other hobbies
  • Neighbors: at home, cottage, garage
  • Children's nanny and housekeeper

How to interest an adult friend?

Want to invite an adult friend to Hamster Kombat but don't know how to approach it? No problem! I've got you covered.

Hi, [Friend]! How are you? Listen, I found an interesting game called **Hamster Kombat**. In it, you become the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange. Want to know more?

**[Friend]:** Games are for kids, I don't play that stuff.

**You:** I get it, it can seem that way. But Hamster Kombat is not just a game. It's a chance to get investments without any upfront costs. Remember when we didn't know that Bitcoin existed, and now those who have even one Bitcoin are millionaires? In Hamster Kombat, there's an upcoming airdrop, and many people don't know about this opportunity, just like we didn't know about Bitcoin back then. The same happened recently with Notcoin: those who played it earned good money and are now seeing their accounts grow.

**[Friend]:** That sounds interesting! How can I try it?

**You:** Of course! Here’s the link: [link]. Maybe this is a real opportunity. Let's give it a shot.

How do I invite a friend to Hamster Kombat

Send the link in the "Friends" section. As soon as a friend clicks, it will be displayed at the bottom of the friends list.

For participating in the referral program, you will both receive a welcome bonus in the form of 2,000 coins (standard account) or 25,000 coins if you have a premium telegram.

And even when a friend reaches a certain level of the exchange, there will be bonuses again. You can click on "More bonuses" and we'll show you what's there)

And in the friends list, the exchange level of each friend will be visible so that you can track their progress and clearly see how many coins you have earned.

That's it, dear hamsters.
Go and find your new friends to beat everyone in Hamster Kombat.
Good luck and see you again!


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