Hamster Kombat": Combo Cards

Hamster Kombat 1 июня 2024 г.

New combo cards for 5 million coins, June 14-15:

  • GameFi tokens
  • Margin trading x30
  • Trading bots

[ if you need one more new friend, where get it here ]

By upgrading these three cards of the day, they immediately give you 5 million coins, a perfect daily opportunity, eliminating the wait until the tenth day, as with daily upgrades.

Same at https://t.me/HamsterKombatComboNow

Hamster Kombat: Which Exchange to Choose for Withdrawal
Today, we’re discussing why it’s important to register on a cryptocurrency exchange as early as possible and which one to choose.

It's better to save coins by this time to have enough for the upgrades and hit the jackpot. You need to upgrade three specific cards in the "Mining" section during the day, and you'll receive a prize of 5,000,000 coins!


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